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Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon

By Lorna Bennett Samatas

The Wolf Moon stands guard

this winter night

I'm beneath her stripped and naked

Sleek and silver


Bowing down silently

bathing in her light

PACING with hunger

My passions stirred

by free and open space

PACIFIED by her presence

Worries softening into

sweet and tender grace

Her steady gaze holds ancient magic

Moonbeam BALMS

salve my wounds

Penetrate like BOMBS

into my shadows

Clearing space in all my rooms

Old longings rise and strain to escape

PAIN pulls at the bonds

LOVE yearns to find voice

Her finely-tuned ears hear

my silent howls

Attention given

when desire conspires with choice

How often have I slipped away

and surrendered to moonlight?

My deepest FEARS

My fiercest TEARS

She answers with the Universe

Stars and planets

joined in loving trance

HER beauty is in reflecting the SUN

Reminding me to trust

my own sensual feminine dance

The moon thrives in darkness

her vision SHARP and clear

She moves gracefully through blackness

Showing me how to be SOFT

amidst fear

She pulls me from the SAFETY

of my own warm wolf den

Stretching lithely together

into SPACE

It's so sweet and easy...

every now and then

Tonight I am





She's the only one to see it all

The moon is my most reassuring mystery

Her graceful indifference

a comfort to me

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