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Speaking Topics

The following is a short list of topics to inspire you! But there's SO much to talk about. Contact Lorna to discuss tailored offerings customized for your business, group or event.

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Inner Compass Workshop

Tune-In and Turn-On!

This workshop can be tailored to fit a variety of formats, from a 45-minute experience to a 5-Day workshop series. In any format, participants will be guided through short and accessible meditation(s) to help you TUNE-IN to your center, followed by supportive discussion, interactive exercises & everyday-life-practice teachings to help you TURN-ON your deepest passion & purpose. You'll leave feeling blissed-out and fired-up!

Meditation for Real Life

Meditation Practices you will ACTUALLY use!

Learn why Lorna "failed" at meditation for years, and what finally helped her "get it!" Lorna shares her own weekly guided-meditation practices, which you will easily be able to make your own(!), finally leveraging meditation as a tool in YOUR life to Be Present, Be Aware, Feel Relaxed, and Connect with your Passion & Purpose. It's SO easy! *Perfect for people with crazy-busy-minds ; )

Conscious Leadership

Lead Inside-Out 

Learn how to use practices of Mindfulness, Self-Awareness and Curiosity to authentically influence and inspire others.


Connect with anyone!

...well, almost anyone. Ever wonder what MAKES certain people so attractive? Ever wish you could BE one of those people? Learn the science behind first-impressions and building (instant!) rapport. You'll leave with "tricks" & tools you can use to (authentically!) connect with anyone. 

Life Alignment!

Strike a power pose!

Changing your life can sometimes be as quick and easy as changing your posture. Learn *simple* life-hack tweaks you can start practicing anywhere/anytime TODAY to invite more abundance, attraction, energy, flow & power into your life!

The Three "M"s

Three habits to trigger transformation in your life!

Learn what they are and how to start practicing them now.


Turn yourself on!

An exploration of self-care, self-love and the power of attraction.

Love & Relationships

Conscious Connection & Relationships

Learn how to bring self-awareness, truth, authenticity and deeper love into your life's most important relationships.


Don't skip the foreplay! Life lessons from the act itself.

From foreplay to release, sex (like Yoga) is a metaphor for a radical life practice! This talk will ignite your passion, kindle your inner flame and fire you up! Are you ready to TURN YOURSELF ON to your biggest, boldest life path with this exploration into erotic intelligence?

Sex and Polarity

What Fuels Desire

Explore the forces in our relationships that foster safety and intimacy alongside those that fuel passion and desire. Can you have both? (Yes!) An exploration of masculine/feminine energy and erotic intelligence.


The "lighter" side of fear and darkness.

Lean-into (make friends with!) your fears - they are gatekeepers to your biggest growth.


Courage is a muscle you flex.

Don't wait to feel "Brave" - Courage is a practice you develop! You might be surprised to learn how it is created & cultivated.

Strength & Surrender

At critical points in life, the strongest position we can take is surrender.

Get ready to embrace vulnerability in this exploration of the hero's journey! Guided meditation and visualization support invitation into deep connection with passion and purpose. This is the ultimate trust-fall.

Faith & Trust

Your faith can be bigger than your fears.

A creative exploration of faith (how do we develop it? feel it? know it?) and trust (why it is one of the most essential practices for a fulfilling, exquisite & limitless life!)

No & Yes

No makes way for Yes!

How to set boundaries, make space, say NO and embrace your biggest YES!


Life is full of uncomfortable moments.

Learning how to embrace discomfort - to enjoy it, even! - empowers us to lean-into the fire of life, leap out of our comfort-zone, and allow ourselves to be transformed by what triggers us.


Balance often shows up disguised as opposition.

And a lot of what we believe about balance is wrong. Learn how identify the perfect balance practice in your life.

Body Wisdom

Tap into your inner-wisdom

Learn more about the three intelligence centers of the body, and how to tap each for connected, integrated & inspired decision-making in life.

Handling Big Emotions

"You are the sky. Everything else, it's just the weather" ~ Pema Chodron

You are not your emotions. You are also not the things you think, nor the things your physical body experiences. Learn how to re-frame Big Emotions in a way that allows you to feel them without BECOMING them. 

Abundance & Gratitude

Notice the good!

Learn how a mindset of Abundance and a practice of Gratitude can rewire your brain and change your life.


Begin... Now!

A new habit... A new year... A new practice... Begin anything with intention. The way you do anything is the way you'll do everything. What will you choose to practice?

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