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May 24, 2017

How to Know if a Life Coach is a Waste of Your Time

Published by Elephant Journal 

"A single guiding question consistently helps determine if a life coach is a good or bad idea at this juncture in one's life: Is this happening to us? Or for us?"

October 18, 2016

Discover Your Ecstasy

Published by Rebelle Society

"Discover: What lights you up? What turns you on? What are you passionate about? What gets you hot?"

December 12, 2016

4 Things Men Need to Unlearn in the New Year

Published by The Good Men Project

"You must unlearn what you have learned" ~ Yoda

None of us wants to spend our life in a state of mindless, unconscious, reactive routine..."

November 09, 2016

An Election-Night Offering: Choose to Pause

Published by Elephant Journal

"We all get to keep choosing our responses after this election day in our country. Choosing is freedom. And freedom is an inside-job..."

July 07, 2016

The Hottest Summer Diet that has Nothing to do with Weight

Published by Elephant Journal


We’re all conditioned to roll over and receive—pay for, even—the daily barrage of negative messages wrapped innocently around images of summertime fun.

We’re not sexy enough, strong enough, smart enough, or successful enough. We don’t have the six-pack abs, or the perfect ass. We need to “earn” the margaritas and “work off” the weekend desserts.

What would happen if we just decided to stop accepting this madness? Filter the noise? What would it feel like to wake up and simply decide to turn the dial? Change the station? (Or better yet, start making our own kickass life soundtrack.)

What would be possible if we realized this whole time we were ordering off the short menu, when we could have been feasting from a banquet? - Click the link to read the full article.

August 19, 2016

Contemporary Soul Teachers Share Sage Wisdom (MC YOGI feature interview)

Published by Rebelle Society

MC Yogi and a group of pioneering soul teachers open up about passion, purpose, love and life. Their answers in this revealing Q&A inspire us all to dig deep, dream wild, live purposefully, and uncover the meaning of life for ourselves.

Participating soul teachers: MC Yogi (Hip hop musician & Yogi), Izzy Arkin (Real-life Ninja & Life Coach), Biet Simkin (Meditation leader & Musician), Kacee Must (Citizen Yoga), Jill Dailey (The Dailey Method), Julie Santiago (Transformational Life Coach), Cathy & Todd Adams (Zen Parenting Radio), and Maureen Muldoon (Spiritual Vixen).

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