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Lorna Samatas

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Lorna Bennett

"I Celebrate people turning themselves ON  

- mentally, physically and spiritually -

to live their Passion and Purpose through

Freedom and Connection."

Meditation instruction
Yoga instruction

Lorna is a teacher, speaker, change consultant, and life coach passionate about personal growth and transformation. She celebrates people turning themselves ON - mentally physically and spiritually - to live their Passion and Purpose through Freedom and Connection, 

With more than 20 years experience in consulting, teaching, business leadership, and organizational development, Lorna has served as a change catalyst under many umbrellas.


Lorna is an experienced Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, motivational speaker, published writer, personal life coach, organizational change facilitator, and mother of three children (five if you include fur-babies!) Her teaching style offers inspiring, theme-focused classes with a precise focus on Mindfulness, Meditation, and optimal alignment from the inside-out.  

From 2012 to 2016 Lorna worked with THE DAILEY METHOD international franchise as a studio owner, and as designated "CSO" (Chief Spiritual Officer) - introducing Mindfulness trainings for studio owners and teachers. She worked closely with founder Jill Dailey to implement alignment principle guidelines for the brand, mentor studio owners, and enhance teacher training resources across the franchise.

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Lorna has consulted in Health Care Public Relations, Patient and Family Education, Cultural Competency, and Organizational Development. She holds a Master's Degree in Education, undergraduate degrees in Journalism and English, and studied Strategic Intervention Life Coaching at Robbins-Madanes Training.


As a transformational coach and teacher, Lorna empowers individuals to feel passionate, purposeful, free, and inspired to engage deeply in their lives, and to serve their highest calling.

Connect with Lorna socially on Facebook and Instagram.

To work with her, email: 


Week of Zen is a self-guided meditation course that can easily be implemented into your everyday life practice. No experience necessary.

Are you ready to feel calm, creative, connected, and conscious?


Work with me from the comfort of your own home, on your own time. Begin your Week of Zen today at

Listen to a sample from the Week of Zen course below. Then follow us on Instagram for future offerings.




Darcie Purcell (Founder, Soul LOVE Fest)

Community Partner

I met Lorna at the Zen Parenting Radio Conference and literally from the moment that she spoke I was impressed with her genuine nature. Lorna’s authenticity and ability to weave her wisdom into even the most basic of yoga classes left me feeling supported not just physically but spiritually as well.


Lorna’s great breadth of expertise coupled with her creativity is really where her gifts lie, and what makes her a very rare bread. When I was working with Lorna to create her workshop at Soul LOVE Fest in 2016 she really brought a unique perspective and offered up a class that was thoughtful and supportive of what we were creating. Lorna has the ability to work with small intimate groups and then also move large crowds as well. Lorna taught the MainStage morning yoga class at Soul LOVE Fest and was able to hold the energy of the group and still give everyone a little bit of her special wisdom and reflection.

Lorna is a true treasure and I would be honored to work with her again on any future projects.

Gregory Orzikowski (Student/Client)

"I consider myself to be open minded and free spirited by nature. I am, however, an introvert and as such don't let others in... Lorna can walk past that and say just what I need to challenge me in my pursuit of happiness... 


Stop, take notice, and drink from this fountain of endless spiritual support... and remember... pain is essential for all to grow as human beings."

Brenda McNamara, J.D. (Student/Client)

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Words can’t express how much I LOVE working with Lorna.  She is love in action, deeply compassionate, super intelligent, very wise, fully present, truly authentic and always seeking to grow and learn.

One thing I love about our sessions is that they are fluid:  We work on issues that are pertinent in my life for that week — and it can be a very broad spectrum!  I have learned to calm my very active mind and emotions through mediation, to question the truth of my thoughts and emotions, to set and achieve personal goals, but mostly to be my best and highest self.  I've learned to find my voice though my desires and passion, and I now see challenges as opportunities to learn what life is trying to teach me.

I appreciate that Lorna sends me follow-up information she has or discovers that relate to what we are working on.  I love that Lorna values learning from her students as well as teaching them.  She is a great teacher and coach and has helped me to see my life as abundant and full of possibility!  

Thank you, Lorna!  You are truly a gift to all you meet!"

“We are all just walking each other home.” ~ Ram Daas  

Rachel Richardson (Owner/Founder, Shining Shakti)

Student / Community Partner

"Lorna is spectacular as a teacher, coach, healer, and friend. She makes me feel like I can do anything. I have worked with Lorna in a variety of settings and I can not recommend her enough. Her positive attitude and authenticity are contagious and you can only get closer to the best version of yourself when you're with her. Love!!!"

Maureen Muldoon (Spiritual Vixen)

Lorna's Spiritual Coach

"Lorna is an amazing catalyst in helping women not just change shape, but change direction.

And, she is one of the nicest people I know."

Stefanie Schodrof (Owner, THE DAILEY METHOD - ELMHURST)

Community Partner / Colleague

"A gift is about the way best way to describe Lorna and her new WYO & FREE practice. With years of exposure to Lorna, I always come away feeling more grounded, centered, excited, and open to new ideas. There are no boundaries with Lorna – she can help you explore what you didn’t even know was begging for your attention. Her lovely and safe approach appeals to everyone and, YES, you are the only person that matters to Lorna when she is with you. What is to be for anyone is truly the GIFT that I see…the GIFT to uncover and safely be coached and guided by Lorna. Lorna is a treasure to many! She also teaches kickass Barre and Yoga classes at The Dailey Method Elmhurst!"

Meg Humphries (Student/Former Employee/TDM Master Teacher/Trainer)

"Lorna is one of the most authentic human beings I have ever met. She radiates joy and empowers the people around her to live confidently and courageously, embracing their best selves. She has been a constant source of wisdom in my life and has taught me what it looks like to live a life of mindfulness, compassion and authenticity. My life is fuller because of her and I cannot speak more highly of her as a mentor, coach, teacher and friend.  Her energy is undeniable and her classes are seriously life-changing!"

Jaime Dominguez (Yoga/Meditation Student)

"Lorna is an amazing teacher who provides great insight and perspective into life's everyday challenges. She helps you manage through stressful scenarios and focus on what is important. I'm glad to have met her and call her friend."

Katie Feodoroff (Student/Client)

"My first words to Lorna before starting our meditation/coaching sessions were “I’m nervous”. I practiced with Lorna for years at The Dailey Method, but I knew very little about meditation. Lorna is extraordinarily authentic, passionate and mindful and is able to connect and share this gift with others.  After only 2 sessions she equipped me with tools to practice meditation at home, every day.  She has descriptive analogies that truly resonate and facilitate her teaching. To quote Lorna, 'Life is an ocean, waves will always be cresting and crashing.' Lorna handed me my surfboard to ride these waves.  I am calmer, happier and focused on the present, thanks to my meditation practice, thanks to Lorna!"

Cathy and Todd Adams (Zen Parenting Radio)

Community Partners / Mentors

"Lorna is a great friend and teacher who has the ability to elevate mind, body, and soul. She has a warm smile and encouraging demeanor that makes everyone feel comfortable and supported."

Kate Temple (Corporate Client/Student)

“It was with complete confidence that I asked Lorna to share her knowledge and provide a yoga/meditation/mindfulness “experience” for a group of Senior Leaders at my Client. They had participated in an all-day strategic planning meeting and Management was looking to punctuate the day with a message about focus, flexibility, and the power of change/transformation.


Lorna did a preparation call with the President where she demonstrated smarts, creativity, and a true understanding of what the Client was hoping to get out of the experience. From there, she provided an experience that, not only nailed the objective, but left the Clients wanting for more. Lorna was a true professional and I would recommend her in any corporate setting!”

Dominika Orzikowska (Student)

"I met Lorna four years ago and she has truly transformed my body and soul. Lorna's striking Presence and extremely warm Personality both exude in all her classes - from practice at the barre, through yoga and meditation, to her transformational coaching. However, it is Lorna's Ability to Connect with all and every single one of her students that makes her absolutely exceptional. 


To say that it's crucial to have Lorna and her positive energy in your life is an understatement - there is no life without a Teacher like Lorna! She is the Compass."

Jacqueline Sharuzi Brown, J.D. (Former employee / TDM Teacher & Corporate Client)

"Lorna has an energy that is positively radiant and entirely infectious.  Whether taking one of her classes, or simply spending time, she manages to make you feel strong, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I love how I feel leaving a class led by Lorna, as the physical effects of her class and her spiritual guidance linger with me long after I walk out of the studio."

Marla Sarris (Paleo Porn)

Yoga & Meditation Student / Community Partner

"Lorna is absolutely extraordinary! Her ability to build a calm and safe environment that creates space in my chaotic mind never fails. I have never felt a sense of peace in my life until I had worked with Lorna. Thankfully her love and passion shine because she definitely has a gift."

Renee Epstein (B-Well)

Student / Community Partner

"Simply put, Lorna makes you feel WHOLE. She is instinctively in tune with how one's body, posture and stance are all connected to the mind, heart, and soul. She has a rare talent to put all the pieces together."

Shayne Adams (Student/Client)

"Lorna helps me tremendously to sort through my challenges and grief of the loss of my mother with a combination of her intuitive healing and spiritual/practical coaching. I take away a sense of inner strength after each session with her. 


I appreciate her knowledge about body and mind and how they work together, her knowledge about the body in a physical sense, and her intuitive nature and healing energy.


Highly recommended.


Her structured and clear agendas each session, after checking in with me, always offered something (an assignment or focus) for me to take with me. That helped me in between sessions to practice independently!"

Lauren Specht (Former employee/Colleague/TDM Teacher)

“Lorna has an undeniable authenticity. It is palpable whether in her class, in a session, or on a walk.  She has an infectious motivation to be more mindful, passionate and true.  After I spend time with Lorna, I truly feel lighter, both physically and in my outlook. I could not recommend her more strongly or sincerely."

Laura Arendsen (Yoga/Meditation/Coaching Client)

"Lorna. She's two parts strength, mixed with focus, practicality, edge and authenticity. She gets it. She gets that life happens and she has a knack for cutting through the fluff and creating a space where focus happens, where external demands stop, and where the wheels find their tracks again. For me, that was yoga and meditation. I appreciate that Lorna can also speak fluently on the science behind meditation and yoga.  She's the real deal and I love her energy."

Shawna Roubitchek (Yoga/Meditation/Coaching Client)

"Sitting with Lorna on a regular basis reminds me to be mindful of..… me.  With her warm and disarming demeanor, she has taught me to “trigger” myself so that I am more aware of my thoughts, my emotions and my being.  Lorna continues to help me open my heart, be present in the now and embrace all that comes with this journey."

Susan Hutchinson (Meditation Student/Client)

"Lorna is a warm and caring ray of sunshine! These characteristics are felt throughout her sessions as she instructs you to connect with the peace and strength which lies within. Lorna not only instructed me in meditation, but shared her great wealth of knowledge to help move me on my path to greater wellness. I highly recommend working with her."

Jennifer Fender (Student)

Makeup by Jen

I have worked with Lorna over the past several years within the Dailey Method studio. She has helped me achieve personal fitness goals through barre and yoga practices. She also has awakened and brought closure to areas in my spiritual life through guided meditation. 

Lorna has a calming, open and friendly demeanor about her. Her eyes are always bright and they always seem to be smiling. She is a book of knowledge and is a sponge always ready to absorb the goodness around her. 

Lorna is a free spirit, and is a person I think everyone is attracted to be around and near. I'm so glad I am lucky enough to have met her.

Sue Gawlowski Pals (Student/Client)

"Lorna has this infectious energy and is so empathetic. I've only known her for a short time but feel like I've known her for years. She is down to earth, encouraging, and so intuitive. Just a beautiful person inside and out. "

Heather George (Former Employee/Beloved Babysitter/Student)

"I can honestly say that Lorna is the reason I am the person that I am today. I have become such a calm, outgoing, and overall stronger person both mentally and physically because of her. Lorna has such a calm and bubbly personality that will rub off on you the moment you are with her. If you are ever having a hard time or just need a break, I can promise you even just one session with Lorna will make you feel more at peace again. Lorna is truly one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

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